January 18th, 2007

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Multifandom // 105

I really need to post these things more often. It gets so overwhelming. Lots of fandoms this time, including some this journal has never seen before. Hopefully, these changes stay for a while because I love covering a wide range of subjects in my icons.

Sign ups for the second challenge at kmusic_lims opened last night. Everyone who likes making Kmusic icons is more than welcome to join and sign up if you are interested.

Alright, now onto the icons.

Total: 105 icons
x10 H.O.T
x26 Super Junior
x2 H.I.M (G01)
x4 Battle (Tae Hwa)
x2 Big Bang
x21 Bae Seul Gi
x3 Bada
x2 Baby VOX
x12 Various/Multiple Kcelebs (1 each of SES, Discotruck, Bi, Ryan, 1TYM, NRG, SS501, Sechskies, Wheesung, The Reds, BSG/Hong Chul, BSG/Myung Hoon)
x9 Cardcaptor Sakura
x6 Bleach
x5 Tsubasa Chronicle
x1 Final Fantasy
x2 X-Men

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