May 10th, 2007

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Multifandom // 102

Hello everyone. ^^ I was actually meaning to make this update on Monday but things went to shit here at home so the task got pushed aside and pushed aside and now is a little rediculous. It's not the largest multifandom post, but it's up there. I didn't do any icon memes or finish any challenges but there's still a lot in here.

Ok, on to icons.

Total: 102 icons
x5 H.O.T (Jae Won)
x37 Super Junior
x1 Blackbeat
x10 Shinhwa (Junjin)
x1 Casa & Nova
x2 Harisu
x1 Lee Seung Gi
x5 Seo Taiji
x3 MC Mong
x3 No Minwoo
x1 Bada
x1 Suikoden
x30 Tsubasa Chronicle
x1 Loveless
x1 Clover

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