June 5th, 2007

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Multifandom // 113

Time for a new massive multifandom post~ I know, you guys can hardly contain yourselves waiting for these. It's probably the highlight of your month. Am I pumping myself up too much? I finished my Kangin icons for daily_icon, so I'm thinking I should pick up another claim somewhere else since I've completed like 4 or 5 for that challenge and I'm feeling kind of... greedy? Does that work? Anyway, that's the general idea now. Might do Sungmin, as he was suggested to me.

Ok, on to icons.

Total: 113 icons
x19 H.O.T (solo)
x27 Super Junior
x5 Sechskies (Ji Yong)
x1 H.I.M (kpop)
x1 Battle
x4 Kim Min Seon
x4 UVERworld
x35 Angel's Feather
x5 Tsubasa Chronicle
x1 Yumegari
x1 Shirahime Syo
x1 Spiral
x2 Orlando Bloom
x1 Summerstorm
x6 Various Fantasy/Sci-fi Movies/Shows (1 each of Labyrinth, Underworld, Merlin, Magical Legend of the Leprechauns, Heroes, Pitch Black)

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